Biography of Jane Fullerton

Jane has a wealth of experience gained through her 17 years with Peter & Andrew Collinge. Ten years as the manager of their flagship salon in Liverpool City Centre.

In 2000 Jane decided to build a team of talented & creative hairdressers to work along side her to create not only the look you desire but to achieve it through high standards of customer care.

Jane’s philosophy is to strive towards excellence, by motivation, encouragement and quality training.

This results in the success she has achieved so far.

1984 – Started career as an apprentice Hairdresser with Peter Collinge.

1986 – Became Stylist with Andrew Collinge

1988 – Became Hairdressing Manager with Andrew Collinge

2000 – Opened Salon at 28 Mill Lane, West Derby, Liverpool.

2003 – Purchased Varita Hairdressing 103 Eaton Road, West Derby, Liverpool

2004 – Amalgamates both Salons at 103 Eaton Road, West Derby,Liverpool

2010 – Celebrates 10 years in Business.

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